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Pivots & Collision still not really that useful.... (Unreal Engine)
I have just checked on the latest kit (Future Slums 2) and the pivots for individual meshes/geometries are still not useful. Collision is non-existent. Yes, in the Actor prefabs, the pivot is in the centre at the bottom, which is fine, but take a door in a doorframe (Door L in this kit for example).... Placing the Actor is fine. But when you come to actually swing the door open, you have to edit the mesh of the door itself to make it open from its hinges. Even if you don't provide functionality for door opening, please make the pivots for things which are designed to be functional, make sense. Whilst you can do it using the engine's modelling tools, it's not really convenient, and a waste of time. We purchase these kits for convenience. Collision is a different matter. Again, you can add collision using Unreal's toolset, but (using the Door L example still), you can't just add a simple box collision because the mesh is set at angle, so the collision is set to the bounds of the mesh. You have to use the more expensive Auto Convex Collision, which is overkill and inaccurate when a simple box collision would have done a better job. Or we have to export the mesh and create a custom collision hull. Neither of these options are particularly convenient. In future, please either provide simple collision or at least present the individual meshes in such a way that collision can be applied more conveniently. If you want a role model for how kits could be setup, check out the last few kits from Big Medium Small. Granted, they only cater for Unreal Engine and Blender or C4D, so I'm not expecting their level of complexity, but Unreal and Unity call for special consideration regarding interactivity. It would be a massive help if just the pivots and basic collisions were to be consider better. Anything further would be a bonus.
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