We're excited to bring a beta version of our Cargo x Unity integration! We appreciate any and all feedback here so that we can polish this integration as much as possible before it goes live officially.
We've also added the ability to change your download folder! You can access this from your accounts page under software settings. When you change your download folder, you'll be given the option to copy your existing files to the new location or leave them be. This should help keep things linked in your 3D scenes when you change download folders and prevent the need to redownload assets.
We're making our way through the feedback and trying to update as often as possible. Thank you all for your amazing feedback on this platform, it's guiding our roadmap each day and we're excited to get this version in your hands!
This update includes:
  • Unity Support (Beta) for versions 2020.1 to 2023.1 (and all in between versions)
  • Change Download Folder location feature added (accessible through software settings in your account page)
  • Ability to copy downloaded files to a new folder location
  • Cargo Teams Early Access launches. For more information, visit